Rent private boat with skipper in Stockholm

Rent a boat from us and enjoy Stockholms archipelago with your own skipper. By renting a boat from us with a professional skipper will you be able to enjoy cruising the Stockholm archipelago without any hassels as a memorable, comfortable and safe experience.

The boat

The boat, an Anytec 750 SP with a 200 hp Mercury Pro, is according to us the best and most durable boat available, built entirely in Aluminum. It is also according us to the most beautiful boat of its kind.

Use us for your boat charter and have a wonderful tour of the Stockholm archipelago. Take your family or friends on a lovely day trip or give your management team an unforgettable experience. Perhaps you want to use the charter to eat at one of the many lovely restaurants in the archipelago.

Boat charter in Stockholms archipelago

Stockholm’s archipelago offers a fantastic experience for visitors with its many islands and picturesque locations. Here are some possible excursion destinations with restaurants in the Stockholm archipelago:


Visit Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri for a tasty meal and locally brewed beer or try fresh seafood at the Rökeriet restaurant while enjoying the sea view.


Bockholmen Hav & Restaurang offers delicious fish and seafood dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.


Discover Storholmen’s historic charm and enjoy a meal at Storholmen Krog with classic Swedish dishes.

The Old Smokehouse at Smedsudden

Try the rustic atmosphere at The Old Smokehouse and enjoy smoked fish and other local delicacies.


Visit Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café for traditional Swedish pastries and lunch options or restaurant Magasinet that offers gourmet meals with influences from the archipelago.


Grinda Wärdshus is an idyllic place for a good lunch or dinner with locally produced ingredients.


Svartsö Krog offers a cozy atmosphere and serves well-prepared dishes with a focus on local ingredients.


Gällnö Krog is known for its high-class food and relaxing surroundings by the water.


Visit Harstena Havsbad & Restaurang for an exclusive experience with carefully selected dishes and a beautiful view.


Sandhamns Värdshus is a historic place where you can enjoy gourmet food and a picturesque archipelago atmosphere. Skaftö Fisk & Delikatess at Sandhamn offers fresh seafood and delicacies from the sea.

These places not only offer good food, but also give visitors the chance to experience the unique atmosphere and beauty of Stockholm’s archipelago. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, family outing, or a relaxing day by the water, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Prices – private boat charter with skipper

The boat is over 8 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and has a cruising speed of 25 knots. You will have a memorable, comfortable and safe experience with us.

  • 6 000 SEK half day (4 hours).
  • 12 500 SEK full day (8 hours).
  • Max 6 guests.
  • Boat charter starts from Grand Hotel in Stockholm. If you would like to start elsewhere we might need to add for transportation.
  • Prices include the boat, your skipper and life jackets. We are also able to provide lunch or dinner “pic nic” and drinks (beer/wine) if you are interested in going to a private island without restaurants.
  • Fuel is not included and depends on how far and how fast you would like to go. We fill up the tank before the tour and at the end of the tour.

Call +46 730 077767 or send an e-mail to for more information.

Where to go?

So, you have decided to charter your own private boat with a skipper in Stockholm for the day. Choosing where to go will be the next item on the list. With over 30000 island starting mere minutes from the center of Stockholm the prospect of choosing can be daunting. Where should one go?

To make things a bit easier we have talked to Mikael Uusitalo, the founder of outdoor activity marketplace Thrillism. Born on the island of Möja, in the outer parts of the archipelago, he has spent his childhood and adult years out and about among the islands. He knows the archipelago and the best spots for the best and most authentic experience.

So which ones is he’s favorites?


Just a 10, 15 minutes from your pick up spot of Grand Hotel you will find the small group of islands called Fjäderholmarna.

On Fjäderholmarna you will find a selection of local arts and crafts and a glass mil among many other things. You will also find a great selection of food, with multiple quality restaurants dotted around the island. For the one interested local- and craft beer you will find the brewery ‘Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri’ located on the island. An ideal spot for a snack and quality beer in the sunset before heading back into town.

As a side note, for busy city people, Fjäderholmna is the quick getaway for some a picnic and some lounging in the sun on the rocks and cliffs around the islands.


In the inner parts of the archipelago, you will find the island of Grinda. Grinda, as many islands around it, are a nature reserve protected by the Archipelago Foundation which calls for untouched nature and scenery.

To Grinda people come to enjoy the calm, swimmable beaches around the island, jumping from the rocks, basking in the sun and taking in the views from the numerous viewpoints around the island.

If hunger kicks in there are two highly recommended restaurants on the island, the more relaxed Framfickan in the guest harbor where one can enjoy a fine glass of wine and feel the breeze come through or the more upscale, candle lite dinner at Grinda Wärdshus, which has been awarded the archipelagos best restaurant on numerous occasions.

Feeling sleepy after scrumptious food? Grinda Wärdshus also offer a cozy hotel with first class rooms and service.


Want a bit more pulse?

Try out the infamous “after-sail” at Sandhamns Seglarhotel in the harbor of Sandhamn on the island of Sandön.

Sandhamn is your best bet if you want to be seen or see. During the summer the restaurants, hotels, and pubs open turning Sandhamn to the place to be seen by anyone that has a taste for food, champagne, and party.

But there is another side to Sandön too. A mere 20 minutes walk away from the hustle and bustle, through an enchanted pine forest, you will find the beach of Trouville. Here, one can spend time just taking in the scenery and let the kids have a splash in the calm waters.


Of course, I’m biased here, but Möja is close to my heart. Despite being one of the larger islands (there are actually 250 full-time inhabitants) it has still retained its genuine feeling. If you visit during the summer you will see kids out and about, biking and play along the narrow age-old gravel road punching through the green yards of the island.

On Möja you can find multiple restaurants, a bakery and a museum among many other sights and activities.

A trip to Möja is not complete without a trip to Wikströms fisk in the quaint village of Rammsmora. In his small restaurant, Rune and his family serve up a traditional and delicate lunch of freshly caught and smoked fish that, dishes that symbolizes the toilful and windburned people of the archipelago.

Bonus tips

While still on the mainland one can take the boat to Waxholm, dubbed the capital of the archipelago, and stroll among the authentic town with colorful wooden houses and small shops and cafe’s in the alleys.

Don’t miss “Glass på Hörnet”, or ‘Icecream on the corner’, down by the ferry port, where a group of friends makes an outstanding gelato for enjoying in the sun.

If you got time, take the 30-second transfer boat to ‘Vaxholms Fästing’. Walk around and experience the main castle that was to protect Stockholm from foreign invading forces coming in from the north sea during the 1500 century and onwards.

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