Förarintyg båt in English

Förarintyg in English for recreational boats is now offered as a course in Djurgården in Stockholm.

Förarintyget is a certificate showing that the proprietor has proven to have theoretical knowledge of bringing recreational boats in and out of protected waters as well as how to show good seamanship.

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  • Course fee: 2950 SEK.
  • Where: Central Stockholm (Djurgården). 
  • When during the week: Saturday at 09am to 5pm and Sunday at 9am to 5pm. The examination will be scheduled with the instructor during the course, typically within 1-2 weeks after the course.
  • Educational guarantee: Yes. This means that you may come back for free if you do not pass the exam. However, it always costs to write the exam as this is handled by the Board of Boating Education Examiners. 
  • Course literature: If you do not have a course book we recommend that you order the following book and read it before the course starts: Yachtmaster for Sail and Power
  • Course material: 350 SEK. Includes exercise chart, dividers (passare in Swedish), conveyor (transportör in Swedish), ruler, pen and paper. Select/remove course material in the booking form. We do not send out material before the course starts. You get this when the course starts. 
  • Examination fee: 625 SEK levied by the Boating Life Education Board. Payable in cash or via Swish. 
  • Total for the course, course material & examination fee: 3 925 SEK.

English Förarintyg in Stockholm

Are you thinking about getting a motorboat or sailboat in Stockholm? Do you want to feel more secure while at sea? With a Swedish Förarintyg you will get a “Swedish boat driving license” and can feel confident that you know what to do in situations that you may not have encountered before.

You will learn, among other things, to navigate, reading sea charts, how to navigate fairways, landmarks, laws and regulations, environmental awareness and what you do if an accident occurs. The course is theoretical and you will learn how to handle and drive recreational boats in and out of protected waters.

We offer appreciated intensive courses for those who want to take a Swedish “Förarintyg för båt”.

Driver’s certificate for boat in Djurgården in Stockholm

Our courses that lead to Förarintyg in English are held at Djurgården in Stockholm. With us everyone is welcome, as long as you turn 12 years the year you want to take the exam. The course takes place in premises close to the sea with proximity to restaurants and cafes.

What you will learn during the Förarintyg course

The course “Förarintyg för båt” is mainly used to increase yours and your family’s safety when it comes to boat life at sea, whether you are sailing or driving a motor boat. Therefore, safety is at the center of the training during the course.

The course includes navigation, rules to give way and general knowledge that you need to know at sea with the purpose of increasing your security at sea. With a Förarintyg, your boat life will undoubtedly change for the better. Below you can read more about the course content.

Swedish sea charts

We will learn how Swedish charts work and look, both on paper and in electronic format. You will learn to interpret symbols and abbreviations to find the right information. We will also go through the possibilities and limitations of the charts.


You will learn how to navigate, measure and calculate speed, time and distance, at a simple level. Based on both charts and what you see in real life, you will be able to determine your position and plan sea voyages. We will discuss how compasses work, their significance and how they are affected by magnetic objects.

Safety, seamanship and health at sea

To be able to handle boats safely, you will learn what operating characteristics different boats have and how they respond to different conditions at sea. You will learn how to best pay attention to others and how to reduce risks, handle harsh weather and do preventive maintenance. 

Laws and regulations

You will become familiar with important laws and regulations that affect recreational boaters. Among other things, what applies to the commander’s responsibilities, penal liability, international maritime regulations and the Swedish Transport Agency’s regulations and advice on maritime regulations. You will also learn to understand ship lights, signal figures and audio and light signals.

Prepare for the future

The course that leads to a “boat driver’s certificate” – Förarintyg – and prepares you for a future where boat driving licenses become a requirement for a leisure boat, something that has been on the agenda for quite some time.

If the proposal become reality, your Förarintyg will most likely be converted into a boat driving license. 

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