Kustskepparintyg in English

Kustskepparintyg in English is offered as a weekend course at Djurgården in Stockholm.

Kustskepparintyget is a certificate showing that the holder has proven to have sufficient knowledge of seaway rules, navigation and boating knowledge needed to operate a recreational craft in daylight, darkness and reduced visibility.

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  • Course fee: 3800 SEK.
  • Where: Djurgården in Stockholm. 
  • When during the week: Saturday at 09am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm. The examination will be scheduled with the instructor during the course, typically within 1-2 weeks after the course.
  • Educational Guarantee: Yes. This means that you may come back for free if you do not pass the test. However, it always costs to write the exam as this is handled by the Board of Boating Education Examiners. 
  • Prerequisites: You need the “Förarintyg” and the “Båtpraktik” to be able to get the Kustskepparintyg.
  • Course literature: If you do not have a course book we recommend that you order the following book and read it before the course starts: Yachtmaster for Sail and Power
  • Course material: 350 SEK. Includes exercise chart, dividers (passare in Swedish), conveyor (transportör in Swedish), ruler, pen and paper. Select/remove course material in the booking form on the right. We do not send out material before the course starts. You get this when the course starts. 
  • Examination fee: 625 SEK levied by the Boating Life Education Board. Payable in cash or via Swish. 
  • Total for the course, course material & examination fee: 4 775 SEK.

The “Coastal Skipper Certificate” in Stockholm

The Kustskepparintyg, or Coastal Skipper Certificate, in Stockholm is a recognized qualification for individuals seeking to navigate leisure boats in coastal waters. This certificate serves as a continuation of the basic boating certificates “Förarintyg” and “Båtpraktik dager” and is ideal for those wishing to enhance their knowledge of boats and their handling.

Maritime safety

Issued by reputable authorities, the Kustskepparintyg aims to contribute to maritime safety by setting standards for recreational boat operators. While the specific requirements may vary, the certificate generally covers aspects such as navigation, safety protocols, and practical boat handling skills.

In Stockholm, the certificate is particularly relevant for those navigating the archipelago and coastal areas. The waters around Stockholm offer a diverse and challenging environment, making it crucial for boaters to have a comprehensive understanding of local regulations, navigation techniques, and safety measures.

The Kustskepparintyg is an essential credential for individuals operating larger vessels in Sweden (12×4 meters or larger), ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate responsibly.

Aspiring boaters in Stockholm can acquire this certification through training programs provided by reputable organizations like Svensk Båtutbildning, contributing to safer and more enjoyable experiences on the waters of the stunning Stockholm archipelago.

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