Båtpraktik in English

Båtpraktik in English for recreational boat is now offered as a course starting in 2021. Our course in practical boat driving is a boat course that leads to a certificate called ”Båtpraktik, dager”. The holder of this certificate has e.g. read nautical charts, guided by compass, performed course control in single line, navigated in dotted waters and performed position determination. You must have completed a practical boat course to obtain the ”Kustskepparintyg” (a course which is available in English as well). Welcome to book a practical boat course with us today!

  • Course fee: 1 995 SEK.
  • Where: Djurgården, Stockholm or Orust, north of Göteborg
  • When during the week: Wednesday or thursday between 5 pm and 9 pm, saturday or sunday between 9 am and 1 pm, or between 2 pm and 6 pm. 
  • Educational Guarantee: Yes, you are guaranteed to receive the certificate ”Båtpraktik, dager” 
  • Examination fee: Included. There is no written exam for this course.
  • Total for the course, course material & examination fee: 1 995 SEK.
Svensk Båtutbildning AB

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Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, all courses scheduled in Stockholm or Göteborg will instead be performed online with a teacher over Zoom instead. Subject to change in accordance with recommendations from swedish publich health authorities.

A shipping cost of 99 SEK is applied for delivery of course materials.

*: Payment through invoice, within 10 days

"10 out of 10. Very satisfied with the course, looking forward to a fishing trip in Norway!"

Marcus Lorentzon

27 years

"Incredibly happy. A large step on the way towards fulfilling my dream, a summer sailing along the eastern coast of Sweden."

Jurg Neumann

45 years

"Humorous, personalized and intense. Now I'm going home and planning my sailing to Denmark this summer!"

Andreas Nordén

22 years

Kommande kurstillfällen hos Svensk Båtutbildning